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Life "After Dark"' Podcast

Thanks for visiting our website. On this podcast, Anjie discusses real life "after dark" issues that millennials and post-millenials are confronted with in the 21st Century. These situations are discussed and acknowledged from a biblical perspective. CAUTION: LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!




Life After Dark Podcast was produced for the sole purpose of giving a Biblical perspective on how to deal with both public and private issues in "Life." As a Youth & Young Adult Leader in Her Church and Community, Anjie has, on numerous occasions, had the opportunity to discuss and offer Spiritual counseling on Sensitive topics pertaining to millennials. Her goal is to offer a platform to echo the Biblical view on "Life" while listening with an understanding to the voice of each generation as they discuss "life" from their perspective.

Anjie's desire has always been to engage with her generation by sharing her personal relationship & experiences with Christ, in hopes to provoke a hunger for the things of God among her peers. She spent years and countless hours being mentored, as a daughter, by Her Spiritual Parents Apostle Leviticus Moore Jr. and Pastor Cynthia Moore. Endeavoring to bridge the gap of "Generational Differences," and constantly challenged to overcome communication barriers, she became open to the idea of viewing "life" through the eyes of another generation. Anjie invites you to converse on the scriptures as we navigate through this journey called "LIFE!"